Brian T Harris
Music Psychotherapist
Brian Harris is a music psychotherapist who has been in practice since 1996.  A nationally certified and state licensed therapist,  he holds two degrees in music therapy, including a Masters degree from New York University’s music therapy program, where he currently co-leads a graduate music therapy course.  Brian has advanced training in analytic and vocal psychotherapy techniques.
Brian recently finished a tenure at the Louis Armstrong Center for Music and Medicine at Beth Israel Medical Center in Manhattan. There he coordinated the Asthma Initiative Program’s clinical research study, supervised and treated in their pediatric HIV clinic, and treated musicians and performing artists at the Music and Health Clinic.  Prior to work at Beth Israel, Brian was the head of the Pavarotti Music Center's music therapy department in Mostar, Bosnia. His work at the Center focused on children with traumas related to the Balkan wars.  He has worked with a diverse range of populations and ages including adults, trauma survivors, Alzheimer's and related dementia, psychiatric, children with developmental disabilities, Autism, and stroke. 
Brian’s innovative work has been featured on ABC news, NY1, and the New York Daily News among others. Brian has presented and lectured nationally and internationally, and published on his work. 

What Others Say about Brian’s work
Dr. Stephan Quentzel, MD 
“I specialize in integrating medical and psychiatric health, and I thought I had seen just about all that there is in expanding forms of psychotherapy.  Then, as his colleague for a couple of years, I observed the music psychotherapy practice of Brian Harris.   I was amazed, as he takes his discipline to another level.  He combines an innate feel for clinical compassion and relationship with a studied fluency in psychodynamics,  genuine musical talent and real expertise in using music as therapy in various ways.  In accordance with my duty to help patients excel, for their own good I could not refer clients to Brian's practice fast enough.”

Ellyn, Daughter of a client
“The time Brian spent with my mom yesterday was incredible.  Through song she was able to express the loneliness, loss and sadness that she felt.  I knew it was there, but I didn't know how to bring it out or what I would be able to do for her if it did come out.
“Brian, through music and his intuitive sensitivity, helped to let mom acknowledge and feel her sadness with words that came from her heart through her own words expressed through song. Her sadness, and mine too I admit, was tempered by Brian's soothing and accepting nature.  He helped to heal the pain a bit and move on to joyfulness.  In the short amount of time, he moved along with mom from sadness to laughter and joy with singing, music and talk.
“When Brian left Mom was so happy from her time with him - joyous I would say.
 “Brian has a true gift.  I thank him for sharing it with me and my mom.”

Dr. Sylvia Seidman Ed.D. 
Editor and Author of The New Old: Struggling for Decent Aging
“Brian Harris is a music therapist of great sensitivity and intelligence who has the gift of creating innovative approaches in his work with clients. For the past year, Brian has been working weekly with my husband, who is an Alzheimer victim. Through song and playing instruments, Brian has engaged him in positive interactions, opening new avenues of communication. Through skillful discussion he has been able to elicit verbal dialogue from my husband, who suffers from aphasia. Clearly, successful bonding has been established.  I recommend that all in need contact Brian.”
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